The BET Awards were over the weekend and if you did not watch, fret not, because we did not EITHER. However, we still have an opinion on all the ghetto, ratchet, visual f*ckery that some consider style.

And here we gooooooo.




Is DJ Khaled still not going downtown on his long-suffering wife? Well, considering that he’s shorter than her and he’s already down there anyway, he might want to re-think  that position. She may make cute babies, but she should close her crevice until Khaled learns the art of satisfaction. Who wants to place a bet that he leaves her and takes the child? His wife better watch Not Without My Daughter with the illustrious Sally Field and take thorough notes!





Would anyone like some glorious tittyballs with a heapin’ side of 17 asses? Well, today is your lucky day as Blac Chyna and Amber Rose serve up everything but the clitscuits©. It looks like these two snatched hairstyles and decided to run with it. Of course, we would expect no less (make that more) from Chyna as she stands there nearly nude with areolas on full display, but Amber is a vision and needs to find better, more baller friends that are not f*ckin teens.

2018 BET Awards




There is a reason Tyra Banks has always played second fiddle to Naomi Campbell in every way, and this outfit is one example of her inferior-ness. This hot mess jumpsuit screams, “Save me from the drum line!” and we are NOT impressed. Girl, BYE!





It’s perfectly OK if you thought this was Rihanna. That’s a compliment for Serayah, who knows that once Empire ends, she will always have a job as the pop singer’s stunt double. Now, if only she could get her stylist…





He may be the star of the new film Superfly, but Trevor Jackson is looking like a straight up pimp in this attempt. Our eyes were slightly blinded by the color, but he did try to give us some fire, but this is a slow simmer that doesn’t quite make the cut.





We had been wondering where the R.I.D. (Rent Is Due) dress had hidden itself, but now it has come back in a newer, sleeker, skankier form on the glorious tittyballs of none other than Alexis Skyy. Now, she may be a reality star, but the fact remains that at any given time, she is ready to hit a corner and pay that rent before the 3rd of the month!






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