Now, after living Down Under for quite some time, GlamorSLAP knows all too well how much the Aussies love African-Americans and hip hop culture and all things related to famous black girls with fabulous weaves.

Really, we GET IT.


Sometimes, you need to look beyond the ghetto fabulousness that is set before you and realize that sometimes the song is digging just a smidge deeper than where you care to be taken.

Memo, anyone?

Case in point?

Australian designer Misha apparently needs to GPS a clue, learn how to READ (as Beyoncé clearly stated that the song ‘Formation was written to uplift Black women and girls), or just claim mental instability, because during their latest runway show to present a new collection, the label not only played the track from Beyoncé’s Lemonade, but they did so featuring all white models.

Welcome to Oz, aka ‘Becky #617’.


Dear Australia: what is missing from this photo? Bing-f*ckin-O!

Now, it should come as no shock that the runway was primarily white, or completely white as that has been a problem brewing in the fashion industry for decades. It’s even worse Down Under, where you are not likely to even see any people of color on the streets, and if they are on the runway, it’s usually a stunt queen move.

As Bethann Hardison, leader of the Diversity Coalition to bring attention to the lack of diversity on the runway, silently screamed in a corner, this extreme miscasting shed further light on the lack of multicultural studies present in Australia and the theory that little is being done to rectify the situation. And for those wondering why Misha didn’t play HOmetown diva Iggy Azalea instead?


Well, you already know the answer to that one.

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Brace yourself.


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