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GlamorSLAP Review: 2020 SAG Awards

We are getting into the thick of things this red carpet season, and the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards was the perfect venue for those that have faltered in previous weeks to come up and show out. Who decimated the red carpet this weekend? JENNIFER LOPEZ J-Lo has reclaimed her …

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Bennifer: Part Deux?

  Before you shake your head no-no-no, remember that stranger things have happened.     Since announcing their impending divorce only a few days ago, the media is trying to break down the relationship and figure out what went wrong, but at Verbal SLAPS, we are on to some new …

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J.Lo and the Curious Case of assASSination

  assASSination: the act of shutting any activities down with a spectacular posterior (Heaux Confessionals, essential heaux-cabulary)       Many of you may be wondering which time that was, since Jennifer Lopez’s ass has been getting her in trouble since the 4th grade, but this time it was not just …

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