Pearl Jam. Nirvana. The Smashing Pumpkins. Some of the 90s biggest bands put out their best work during that era. Toronto-based band A Primitive Evolution may sound like a band from that time, but they have added their own unique imprint on the sound for a new generation. Their second full length release, The Prize, cements their previous sound and propels them towards new areas of rock to deliver ten songs of divergent, pulsatingly passionate groove rock.

The band wastes no time and dives right in from the beginning – the title track, ‘Lord of Reason’ is melodic rock that dabbles towards the edge of full metal, with a tight accompanying bridge. Easily catchy and chaotic, and the same can be said of the lyrics. Now that there’s a video for this track, fans get a bit of personality behind the members of the group. And in this case, the mood is dark, disturbing, yet thrillingly decadent. ‘Falling Far Behind’ is probably the most ambitious track on the album and absolutely one of the standout tunes. The song begins with a syncopated drums and a catchy guitar intro. Add a driving bass line and a guitar riff to match, this is the song that listeners will take with them long after the album ends.

Singer Brett Carruthers proves his vocal chops on The Prize, further expanding the expected boundaries of the band. Indeed, the album features an acoustic sound as well as slickly produced songs, courtesy of producer John Wozniak and Mushroom Studios. The band has received a number of key gigs at some of the most important festivals out there. From NXNE to SCENEfest, they have also opened for such groups as Billy Talent and The Creepshow. For a band that consists of only three members, A Primitive Evolution somehow consistently produces a multi-layered sound. In only their second album, they deliver a heartfelt album that marks a steady progression towards building up a following worthy of their musical production.





Brett Carruthers – vocals and guitars,

Stephany Seki – bass, cello and vocals

Stu Dead – drums and percussion
Producer: John Wozniak and A Primitive Evolution


Music video for “Lord of Reason”:


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