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Andre Leon Talley

André Leon Talley Issues Verbal SLAP to Anna Wintour

When the runway is crowded and only one can rise to the top, who will be pushed aside ‘Showgirls’ style?

Enter Talley.

Enter Wintour.

Enter the fashionable verbal SLAP!

Anna Knew a SLAP Was Incoming

The editrix has come under fire in recent days since releasing a statement seemingly in support of Black Lives Matter. As some cocked their heads to the side and clutched their pearls, only one other fashion titan in the industry grabbed the mic and then dropped it. André Leon Talley had this to say about his former boss in a scathing interview that laid bare his opinions:

“Wintour’s statement came out of the space of white privilege. I want to say one thing, Dame Anna Wintour is a colonial broad, she’s a colonial dame, she comes from British, she’s part of an environment of colonialism. She is entitled and I do not think she will ever let anything get in the way of her white privilege.”

Anna’s Attempt to Save Her Snatched Face

This was after Wintour admitted to “hurtful and intolerant behavior” in the past regarding racial issues. Apparently, she thought putting Kanye and First THOT Kim Kardashian on the cover was enough to appease black readers. admitted to “hurtful and intolerant behavior” in regard to racial issues at the publication.

Talley also proclaimed that Wintour was feeling the heat in part to a recent hire with her main competition, Harper’s Bazaar, which recently hired its first female black editor, Samira Nasir. He stated:

“Clearly, that statement comes because this girl [Nasr] is going to run competition rings around her. Her power base has been somewhat affected by the competition of this young African American who is going to be historically the first black female editor of a great, great magazine. There are only two great magazines, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.”

Talley Gathers Wintour Up Some More!

And if you thought Talley was done dragging Anna for dear life, he placed his stiletto deep on her neck with another gloved slap:

“If you’re going to at least make a statement, name what your mistakes were and own up to it dear, no apologies necessary, all we want is respect, that’s all we ever asked for.”

Verbal SLAP.

These recent interviews and admissions are all a part of Talley’s latest memoir in which he holds nothing back, “The Chiffon Trenches.”

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Brace yourself.


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