Be careful out there!

It’s not just Mike Tyson chomping off body parts. Now there’s Azealia Banks on the prowl to chew on one of your 2000 parts.
Alert Security!


If you’re in the Tri-State area, be on the lookout, bring out your Game of Thrones-like breastplate armor and pray for the best because one of the poptrixxx is not just going for the jugular.


She’s going for the tittyballs!




As Mike Tyson clutches his pearls in the corner and lisps a dozen Hail Marys, news is spreading that Azealia has exercised her chompers into the bosom of a security guard in the Meatpacking district. At Up&Down Club, the hip hop singer lost what few marbles she has left and bit into the breast of a woman paid to stand there and supposedly protect patrons. Of course, Banks was thrown out of the club, taken down to the police station, then charged with third-degree assault.

Azealia, who allegedly is on Rihanna’s new album, didn’t stop there, slinging spit on the female bouncer and punched her before she was quickly escorted out.

If this was a publicity stunt, we cannot wait until the album release gets closer. In the meantime?


Ladies, protect your tittyballs, clitscuits©, and ass-cheeks cuz Azealia is apparently hungry for nether-region!




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Brace yourself.


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