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Boycott EuroWings TOO



#BoycottEuroWings should be trending too as far as I am concerned.

For any of you that do NOT know what it is like TWB (traveling while black), let me let you in on a little secret: it’s not for everyone. And if you think United Airlines should be the only airline under a boycott, think again.

Enter Eurowings.

Enter typical German hypocrisy.

Enter blatant racism.

Now, granted I travel all the time all over the world, and I am quite used to security guards suddenly leaping from their chairs for the first time that day when they see me and decide that no colored man can get through the pearly gates into their country without a thorough interrogation and/or patdown. I could name several countries where they have let all of the passengers except me pass through un-questioned and no matter what they say, the writing on the wall is crystal clear.



But sometimes, one must speak up and in the recent case of Eurowings, I decided to do just that. Read below what I wrote to them after this latest incident of extreme f*ckery…



I’d never flown EuroWings before and may never again after what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to even post anything, but after seeing what happened to another POC (Passenger Of Color) from another airline, I think it’s time they too be called out for their questionable action, or lack thereof.

On a flight that was de-planing, I was waiting patiently to leave the plane when a white German woman behind got belligerent with ME because – *gasp* – she had to wait her turn to walk off the plane in single file as everyone knows is STANDARD PROCEDURE.

Well, she grew tired of waiting, and since I was the nearest person to her (or at least I presume that’s the reason why), she decided to strike me and insult me in German.

Now, I lived in Germany for over 7 years so I am well aware of how THIS story would go anyway, so I didn’t say or do anything to her after that assault. EVEN though there were several witnesses to her assault. Even though I was COMPLETELY in the right. Her white word against my black one wouldn’t fly and she probably was betting on that.

Well, after the second time she hit me, I waited until I got to the back of the plane and alerted the flight attendants waiting to usher us off. I told them what happened and waited until the woman was behind me to point her out.

Did they act?
Did they question her?
Did they in any way, shape or form attempt to investigate the matter?


But if the tables had been turned and I, as a black person, had hit this woman, GUESS what would have happened? GUESS how the earth would have stood still as they interrogated me left and right to get to the bottom of the matter?

THAT is the racism you will encounter in Europe in general, but when I am paying my money for a flight like everyone else, I will NOT sit idly by and be treated like cattle and treated like a 2nd to 3rd class citizen.

To add insult to injury?

After I pointed her out to the cabin crew that chose to go blind/deaf at my questions, this woman boarded the bus, got DIRECTLY behind me, and when we got off the bus, she hit me AGAIN, for the third time, in the full view of half the bus, and NO ONE did anything. NO ONE pointed her out, and NO ONE bothered to come to my aid.

So it is not just EuroWings at fault, because EuroWings is just an extension of (white) Germans at large that are deaftone/blind when it comes to matters of race and refuse to acknowledge it exists in their culture and consider it a distinctly American problem. Well, I have news for you EuroWings, Germany, and passengers on that flight.

Your silence is violence and you all were complicit in the attack against me and it will NOT go unmentioned.



Now, after I wrote that, they suddenly were all ears to my plight. But I think it was more about trying to save face because I had made it public what their non-action had led to. It wasn’t like they were at all helpful during the incident. I even added an addendum….
Enclosed at the bottom of the letter is the flight information. Just so we are clear:
I do not want nor do I need a refund. What I would like is for your flight attendants that were on that flight to be reprimanded and TRAINED PROPERLY how to handle situations with customers that do not resemble them. Because as a resident of Germany for MANY years, I am all too aware of how this incident happens far too often and businesses turn a blind eye to it because they don’t have to rely on customers of color to help them remain financially viable. I don’t have to guess what would have happened if I had placed my hands on this woman, whether I was a black man OR woman, and THIS is the problem.
That’s when I received this from them via Twitter after I shaded them to hell and back over their being complicit in the matter….
So, in most businesses, you would expect to have a reply within the day for something of this matter, right? Well, Eurowings is not the typical company of competence. It was two days before I received a letter, which is the most tepid, bland, paint-by-numbers bullsh*t I’ve ever received formally from a company. Apparently, the flight attendants spritz a bit of Ivanka’s fragrance Complicit on their body before each flight.
Are you ready for this response? Read below….

Thank you for your email and the associated concern.

We are very sorry that you have not felt cared on your Eurowings flight.

Customer-friendliness and helpfulness, as well as professional expertise are important parts of our business philosophy. Therefore we expect all of our employees to behave courteous and attentive in any situation.

Moreover, we resolutely condemn every act of racism and discriminating behavior. Eurowings is an international operating company with several years of experience. We have employees with different ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds who work hand in hand together and try to establish high quality standards, a customer-related and friendly atmosphere. As a modern company we are anxious to offer our employees as well as our guests an open-minded feeling. Needless to say, that we have never been a company that tolerates any form of discriminatory actions within our company and the companies working on behalf of Eurowings.


It means a lot to us to keep you as one of our valued guests. We assure you that we will do everything to ensure that your future travels are completely comfortable again.


Now, I know what you’re thinking…

It took them 48 hours to craft this raggedy ass letter? Apparently, their executive board room resembles the type that thought Kylie Jenner’s Pepsi ad would be a success. But am I through? Is this over? Oh no it is not. If you reading this and it makes your skin crawl, share it everywhere and let Eurowings and these other airlines know that their day has finally come and I, for one, will not be undersold.

Stay tuned…


So, after being shaded via social media, Eurowings finally responded, attempting to put a kibosh on the situation. But I am not one to vacate the premises, so I took a few days over the Easter weekend to craft a response to this letter and here it is….

This in in response to the email I received from J.Gast, which I view as laughably ignorant and does not appease me in any way…



So, if you expect all of your employees to behave in a courteous and attentive way ‘in any situation’ then the question remains:


WHY didn’t they?


If your company has years of experience as an international company, then please tell me how the standards that you impress upon your employees failed to call ANY of the flight attendants that were on the flight to action? Because, in my eyes, what you teach your employees went over the heads of ALL of them simultaneously, which I find remarkable.


ALL of them failed to investigate the assault immediately afterwards. ALL of them ignored my requests. ALL of them just stood there and did absolutely nothing.




Call me crazy, but I believe 100% that if I, as a black person – male OR female – had attacked her first, or even defended myself?


The entire cabin crew would have halted everything and investigated. I probably would have been cited, fined, arrested, or more. Not only that, I am sure several passengers on the plane would have spoken up about an incident like THAT.


As for your stance that you have employees with ‘different ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds’? WHERE were they? Because the flight I was on was, to the best of my knowledge, lily white and not a single employee was anything but white. But even that is beside the point. The point is that no matter what race or ethnicity your employees are, they ALL should be up to speed on what is and what is NOT appropriate when handling people that don’t resemble them. So, your response that you ‘have never been a company that tolerates any form of discriminatory actions within our company and the companies working on behalf of Eurowings’? Well, guess what?



You Just DID.


Your alleged ‘high standards’ are no standard at all and your reply two days later is a clear indication of how your company drags its feet when it comes to matters such as these. If Eurowings is so concerned with righting this wrong, then it would be investigating the employees on that exact flight, the flight attendants that were on board, and then would be reprimanded. Then, Eurowings would re-up their efforts to train staff on how to PROPERLY take care of ALL guests, both black and white, and everyone in between. Because, newsflash? Your current M.O. is not working in any way, shape, or form.


I wrote this response back because I am far from satisfied by this tepid reply and J. Gast and everyone else in your customer relations department should be re-trained wie schnell als moeglich. But that is not likely to happen either, so this letter will be forwarded to others in your company and beyond until Eurowings re-routes this ship and does the right thing. And if I have to wait another 48 hours to get a reply, then I will happily tell every media outlet I can reach about how Eurowings treats their passengers of color.



After another week, Eurowings finally responded. And again, they dropped the ball…

As promised we are coming back to you after receiving the report of our crew. Thank you very much for your patience.


Once again we would like to apologize that you did not feel comfortable on your Eurowings flight.


Our crew reported back that they did not notice any act of violence. During the disembarkation process you approached our flight attendant and complained about another passenger and pointed her out. The other passenger said that she apologized and unfortunately she left quickly and entered the bus. You complained that the crew did not react because of your skin colour. Our flight attendant disagreed and apologized for this but could not do anything because the passenger disembarked.


We really regret the misunderstanding and distress this incident caused. However, we would like to assure you that the stewardess behavior is not linked with your ethnic origin nor your appearance. Once again we resolutely condemn every act of racism and discriminating behavior. We have never been a company that tolerates any form of discriminatory actions within our company and the companies working on behalf of Eurowings.


Dear Mr. Brewer, we are looking forward to welcome you on board again soon despite of the inconvenience caused.


On behalf of Eurowings we wish you all the best for the future.



To which I replied….



I have read your response and of course, I am not shocked or surprised by this reply, but I would like to state the following.

First of all, I didn’t approach A flight attendant. I approached ALL of your flight attendants that were at the back of the plane for the disembarkation process. I told them exactly what happened the FIRST time this passenger hit me. I waited until said passenger passed us all by as she headed off the plane and pointed her out. I stood there and waited as not a single one of your employees said or did a thing. Between my pointing her out and disembarking from both plane and bus, this woman hit me an additional two times. So, just so we are on the same page on this point?

Your flight attendants are liars. 

Secondly, WHO is this ‘other passenger’ you are referring to? Because if you are referring to the woman that struck me as ‘the other passenger’ and that she apologised, this is a lie. That woman did not stop for one second, nor was she stopped by Eurowings flight attendants or questioned. If you are inferring that another passenger claims this woman apologized, then she too, is a lie, because this woman made no effort to apologise to me, and in fact, boarded the same area of the bus as I did, EVEN THOUGH she could have chosen two other doors to board that bus. When the bus stopped, she struck me again in FULL VIEW of several passengers and yet again, no one did anything. Now, that is not Eurowings fault that other passengers didn’t speak up, but for you to claim a speech with ‘another passenger’ about what transpired? I do not believe it, and in fact, I will view it as an outright lie. And if you took the time out to ask this ONE passenger about this incident, I believe that it would be nearly impossible for EVERY passenger on that plane to say the same. Perhaps you should carry out your investigation a bit further instead of just relying on the answer that best suits your stance. 

Not that I was expecting your flight attendants to tell the truth because I am sure they are trying to protect their jobs, but I stand by my claims: if I, as a black person, had struck this woman, who was white, your crew would have dropped EVERYTHING to help her, investigate IMMEDIATELY, and find out who was at fault. And whether or not your flight attendantS disagreed, I believe – as would anyone else with common sense – that your flight attendants would have most certainly stopped and interrogated me thoroughly before I disembarked. They had plenty of time to ask her questions as I pointed her out well before she reached the actual exit. Instead?

They simply stared at me, ignored everything I said, and continued thanking all the other passengers (of which all were white as far as I could see) off the plane. 

Do I believe that you regret this misunderstanding and wanted to actually help me?


Do you really expect me to believe that the stewardessES that did NOT react wasn’t linked to my ethnicity?


What I DO believe is that the ONLY reason Eurowings even answered me is because I dared to tell my story on social media and let the general public know how you (mis)treat passengers of color on your flights. It is readily apparent and blatantly obvious that your company has little to no adequate training when it comes to multiculturalism and what needs to be understood is that by doing nothing, Eurowings was complicit in the actions against me. That, in case your company is not aware, is racism. 

So, I will be disseminating this information with everyone I know, making public Eurowings inaction to every media outlet I can think of, every media outlet I write for, and I will be sharing it with every organisation and group I work with because while most people let things like this slide every day?

I am not most people.

Triston is an American jetset performance artist, writer, event organizer, and activist based in Europe. As a freelance journalist, he has covered both the underground and mainstream aspects of the arts, culture, music, entertainment, travel, fashion and Fashion Week in several cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to name a few. He has been published in The Huffington Post, Trespass (London), Adaras Magazine (Miami) as well as featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia, Washington Post, Turkish Huriyet and other on-line and print magazines in the U.S. and internationally. He recently released his memoir on life in Europe, 'Heaux Confessionals'. As a solo performer and with his band $kandal Du$t, he has toured in some of the world's most renowned clubs, simultaneously maintaining an underground renaissance, blurring the lines of all that is traditional and leaving his indelible, and ultimately unforgettable impression. There is no divide.

Brace yourself.


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