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Bristol Palin & The Curious Case of the Compromised Coochie

Bristol Palin has done it again!

The daughter of once Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin has just announced she’s knocked up yet again with a bastard bun in her polluted oven and she is telling the media that she doesn’t want any lectures. But at Verbal SLAPS we are not here to lecture the medulla oblongata-less.
We are here to read triflin’ trixxxx!

So for those that were shocked that Sarah Palin ‘left’ Fox News the other day, please know that her departure was an attempt to deflect attention away from her poon-poppin’ progeny. And since Sarah’s no-no hole canNOT viably carry a fetus anymore, she cannot claim this one and hide it away as her own.
Yes, we said it!

So all the Republicans that are against abortion might want to reconsider that stance, because?
At the end of the day, the world doesn’t need anymore Kardashians, Trumps, Duggars, or Palins.
Let’s all rally and find all these families and snatch their uteruses for a better tomorrow!

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Brace yourself.


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