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  It should probably be against the law for an sitting President to even be in the same room as a Kardashian-Jenner, but that was exactly the case over the weekend when President Obama was face to face with alleged supermodel Kendall Jenner for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on …

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Angela Simmons Values Her Privacy

In a move that proves that celebrities really can keep their private lives private when they truly want to, Angela Simmons just announced that she is engaged and Reverend Run’s daughter caught everyone by surprise. Not only is she engaged, but no one is absolutely sure who she is engaged …

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Doris Roberts Has Passed Away

As an actress who was equally adept on television, Broadway, and the silver screen, Doris Roberts was a talent that many people noticed in some way or another through her numerous credits and roles over the last three generations. But it is probably for one of her later works that she …

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Debby Does DUI

Just cruising down Miley Cyrus Circle. Meandering down Amanda Bynes Boulevard. Traipsing down Jailbait Way. Who is the latest Disney star to somersault into the felony books? Enter Debby Ryan. Enter intoxication. Enter the expected. Disney always has a Debby in its bunker, and apparently, Miley handed off the THOT …

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