Mary J.

the look you make when your ex forgets just who the f*ck you are!

Dear Kendu-doo,
As the dust continues to settle in your attempt to grab Mary’s money, it should be pointed out that Mary J. Blige was Mary J. Blige well before you (mis)managed her career. Her attempts to upgrade you have only led to what? Tax liens, thirst traps, and other forms of outright f*ckery that cease to amaze her fervent fanbase.
Mary J.
Second, your daughter has no business OR rights speaking publicly on this matter, but it seems obvious to the general public that she is in fact money-grabbing and striking while the fire is hot. We hope those checks have a few commas in them, because you AND her are going to need them. Let’s just hope Mary J. doesn’t have time to catch either of you in a parking lot and demand receipts!
Mary J.

Mary might have to ask Madam President Clinton for a hit

Third, it seems perfectly clear now that you preyed on Mary J. and rode her coattails and now you’re trying to ride them clear into a pension fund?
BYE, Felicia!
* additional reporting: A. Neff King
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