Sarah Jessica Parker, aka, SJP, continues to beat that dead horse into oblivion.

And now, here we all stand, twenty years later, and Parker still has not gotten the memo.

Before SATC, no one was checkin’ for SJP like that.

That show made her and cemented her place in Hollywood, no matter how she cares to remember it. She’s gonna force us to show her the receipts of her career pre-SATC and then she’s gonna have the carrots and apples snatched from her mouth! And, if one must really go there?

She needed that show more than anyone else (aside from Kristin Davis, that is) and Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall have had careers that have done just fine since the show and movies wrapped.


are you watching ‘Divorce’? EXACTLY

If Divorce was doing so well, she wouldn’t have to field questions about SATC at this level anymore. But she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and threw her co-star under the bus yet again, but if you ask Verbal SLAPS for an assessment?

SJP’s a C-rate actress that had one A-list role, at the end of the day. She should count her blessings, move on, and hope Kim Cattrall doesn’t open a can of whoop-ass for the shade she’s been dishing out since she refused to sign on for another sequel to play second fiddle to a less talented thespian.

The first movie ruined the end of the series and the second obliterated any nostalgia people had for it.

SATC is basically a period piece at this point. And just like any period? SJP needs to flow the f*ck…


If Sarah is so keen on doing another movie, then kill off Kim Cattrall’s character and then proceed down the Kentucky Derby lane and see who places a bet!


We don’t like her odds.

Our bet is that it will tank more than the second sequel and she knows it! So, SJP, word of advice?

Put this horse to pasture and keep shillin’ those shoes!

Trick, BYE!

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