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Experience The Beauty And Brilliance Of Baja!


Imagine miles and miles of beautiful scenery in every direction. This is what Baja is…a peninsula that is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world, blessed with charms and secrets that the entire world is only beginning to discover. For those that live in the state of California, driving down Highway 1 is a great way to see the nature of the area in full glory. Baja has much to offer everyone: great museums, recreational activities, and hiking for those that desire to be outdoors. Visit Baja and find out what natural beauty is all about.

Imagine an area that boasts miles upon miles of enchanting terrain, visually stunning at every turn. That is just one way in which to describe Baja, which as the second-largest peninsula in the world, is blessed with natural beauty and other charms that have made it a popular destination choice for millions of people over the years. Driving down Highway 1 to Baja, one can soak up the sun as they encounter along the way picturesque villages, stunning landscapes, and nature in all its splendor. The appeal of Baja is in its versatility and abundance of options to consider. For those that simply love sightseeing, to those that prefer extreme sports or secluded spots, Baja is capable of satisfying the desires of a broad range of interests for those that are up to the challenge of discovery.




Nestled approximately 80 miles from San Diego, Ensanada is a Mexican destination that offers a plethora of options for those traveling to it, including authentic Mexican cuisine, cultural excursions, and a nightlife that rivals far larger cities. As a popular destination spot for Californians, this seaport town has gained a reputation over the years as a prime location for relaxing and enjoying a wide range of recreational activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, surfing, and much more. When it comes to the art of celebration, Ensanada delivers on all fronts, from serene wine tasting in a vineyard, whale watching on the sea, or exploring underwater caves, to name a few. Whatever your heart desires, Ensenada is a town that will make all your wishes come true.



Tijuana has been referred to as many things, but boring has never been one of them. Situated just below the U.S border under California, Tijuana has been welcoming visitors to its multifaceted culture for decades and continues to strike a chord with visitors with its decorative street art, historical sites, and architectural wonders that must be seen to be believed. With so many options to consider, Tijuana has something for everyone and whether it is art, cuisine, dancing, or the more traditional that you prefer, the city offers a mosaic that few cities can match and is likely to surprise those that have been there for the first time. Discover Tijuana for the first time and be certain that it will not be your last. This Mexican city is more than ready to welcome you with open arms.



Considered one of the most progressive cities south of the United States border, Mexicali has undergone significant transformation over the last few decades to become a formidable leader across several fields, going from agricultural to industrial and growing from a small town into a modern metropolis with a sizeable upper class. Boasting several months of warm weather, it has become an extremely popular destination for tourists that can enjoy the city for a short day trip or for an extended stay. For anyone that has yet to experience the wonders that Mexicali has to offer, it will be a pleasant surprise at the leaps and bounds it has made to become one of the most popular destinations for visitors coming to the country of Mexico.


Playas de Rosarito

There are a number of reasons to rate Playas de Rosarito as a prime destination for tourists and they include its proximity to the U.S. border, miles of sunny beaches, wide range of outdoor activities, beautiful landscapes, and the rich culture and history is boasts. Over the years, the city has gone from being a well-kept secret among a select few to an international destination that is popular with everyone from the artistic scene to the jetset elite. In addition to its reputation as a premier destination for the holidays for American, it is also highly regarded for its attractive beaches, arguably some of the most enchanting of the Pacific Ocean. For those that simply want to engage in a bit of R&R, or those that want an intense nightlife like no other, Playas de Rosarito is a destination that is memorable for several reasons, all of which are impossible to not enjoy to the fullest.



Boasting a mesmerizing landscape and a host of other hidden gems, Tecate is a town with a well-known history thanks to the reputation it has earned as a viable alternative to a crowded Tijuana. Only 40 miles south of San Diego has made the city a prime destination for many Americans and Tecate has an abundance of scenery and locales that visitors can chew up at their leisure, including several spas, resorts, even breweries. Additionally, those that love the outdoors can participate in hiking, golfing, camping, and even extreme sports throughout the Tecate’s city limits. Foodies can also enjoy the regional cuisine and introduce their taste buds to spicy grilled delicacies that are specific to the region. Tecate is a city bursting at the seams with options for just about anyone, no matter their particular tastes.

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