Bella Hadid has been snatching new noses and fake tittyballs, placing them on her body and claiming they’re original for quite a while now, so it’s only fitting that she gets something snatched from her.


Enter Selena Gomez.

Enter poptrixxx.

Exit The Weeknd.

Pop singers The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were seen getting hot and heavy in public a few days ago, prompting the world to collectively whisper, “I thought he was with that Bella b*tch?!”

Well, as it turns out, he is NOT. Insiders claim the two have been sharing high notes for about two months now, so it seems like Bella has been left out in the cold for a hot minute. But who dropped who in that relationship?


Bella’s people claim she left The Weeknd because of their bicoastal romance meant little time together. But she is allegedly still angry at Selena – who is a friend of her sister Gigi – for making the jump into her ex’s arms. Bella is so angry that she has unfollowed Selena on Instagram.


Somehow, we’re sure Selena will manage to pick up the pieces and go on with her charmed life.

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Brace yourself.


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