In case you missed it because of all the other visual f*ckery of the Met Gala this past week, a few things may have flown under the radar for the average viewer.

But not our eagle hawk eyes.


As Alek Wek let these alleged supermodels of today (yes, Gigi and Bella Hadid, we’re talking about your overhyped asses) know what time still is. As Lena Waithe served LGBT+ fire, and Janelle Monae made us all want to roll around in dirtier computers, Scarlett Johansson glided across the red carpet in a creation by Georgina Chapman from her Marchesa line….


Aside from the sartorial f*ckery of this frock of madness, there’s the real story behind this less than stellar frock and what it really means. For those that are not clear what is happening here?

The mainstream fashion world is attempting to make Marchesa pop again.

Georgina Chapman, the soon-to-be divorced wife of Harvey Weinstein, has been keeping a low profile for the past few months as the allegations, rumors, lawsuits, and accusations surrounding her husband of over ten years (and father of her two children) swirled all around her. As an opportunist and social climber, Verbal SLAPS places Chapman in the same box as one of her cohorts, otherwise known as Melania Trump, aka #HOTUS©.

Care for some receipts and common sense, folx?


It is a little known fact in socialite circles that women like Georgina and Melania leverage their looks in order to climb up the social ladder and secure a more prominent position ‘on the scene’. Now, this is not exactly a new phenomenon as it has gone on for centuries and will continue long after we have left this earth. The problem with Chapman’s particular conundrum is that she contends that she was unaware of her husband’s philandering and allegedly rapey ways for well over the past decade. Now, since marrying in NYC is basically a bloodsport where spouses are vetted and investigated within an inch of their lives, we find her story highly suspect and are Not.Here.For.It!

Here’s why.


How possible do you think it is that Georgina knew absolutely NOTHING over the span of their courtship and then subsequent marriage? What really is the likelihood of that stance as the police investigated him some years ago? As co-workers aided and abetted his attempts to corner and cajole his way into the holes of several prominent women in entertainment internationally? Was Georgina always MIA when Harvey was being served from the many lawsuits?

Computer says “Hmmmmm”.


What Georgina did is quite simple to see once you read between the lines and snort them.


Georgina, in an attempt to elevate her line to A-level status, married a man of questionable morality and decency to secure her spot and money grab. Then quickly had 2 children with him to ensure she would never be completely shut out ever. The hell with the gossip surrounding him even before the law closed in. Georgina, in search of riches, overlooked his wildebeest, wonky ass face, and said “I do”, in order to come up and compete with the likes of Versace, Prada, and Balenciaga. And finally, Georgina, once she realized that the gig was up and her husband had been found out, ran to the biggest person in fashion in an attempt to salvage her line, her career, and her legacy.

Enter Anna Wintour.


Now, as the editrix of Vogue, Wintour is considered the most influential person in all of fashion, for better or worse. The last few years, Wintour has had to ensure side-eye and shade for possibly dirtying the once-pristine image of the magazine by placing THOT Supreme, aka Kim Kardashian, and her “slavery was a choice” foolyun husband Kanye West, on the cover a few years ago. As many in the industry argue whether the sales were worth disrespecting the brand, Wintour has now decided that Marchesa and her line are worth saving, so she has intervened, and this one we are not bound to let slide, because?

With this act, Wintour has entered tenable territory where the question looms:

Is this a roundabout way of supporting Harvey Weinstein?

Anna Wintour seems to be in a side business of supporting complicit women


Because there are probably few people that will claim Georgina is not ‘a sweet lady’. But the same can be said about Melania Trump as well. But guess what?

How sweet can these ladies be when they are sitting idly by and allow their husbands actions and words that are caustic and damaging to women for years? How sweet can these ladies be as they remained complicit as the truth came to light and they still stayed at their sides in the hopes their men would be powerful enough to make them all go away so they could remain on their pedestals?

If that is sweet?

Please 86 the flavor.





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Brace yourself.


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