The 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards have just wrapped and GlamorSLAP has all the news you need in terms of who wore what well, and who should have ran back home, fired their stylist, and cried until 2017. Without further adieu, the names you will be whispering about for at least the next few days…



 2016 CFDA

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Sure, this look is not exactly breaking any style parameters, but sometimes it’s best to not err from what works best and Rosie went for the conservative red carpet slay with this Michael Kors number. Better conservatively hot, than liberally trashed, right?

2016 CFDA

Irina Shayk

While most of the models that appeared on the red carpet seemed to not only court fashion disaster – but f*ck it, roll around in it, and then hop in a ditch – Irina Shayk proved that some models actually know how to dress themselves. In a fire engine red jumpsuit that put all her assets front and center, Bradley Cooper’s latest piece set the CFDA Awards ablaze this year. Some of the other models better start taking notes!


Naomi Campbell

Yet again, Naomi Campbell had to show up on the red carpet and show the children who the supreme model still is. And in basically black, no less. But this look was far from basic and sent a message that the 46 is still hotter, more svelte, and smokingly hotter than anything these 20-something, alleged supermodels are serving up on runways these days. Class. Is. Over.



Laverne Cox

If there was a statement dress on the red carpet this year, it was definitely the one worn by Laverne Cox. Make no mistake: this dress demanded that you pay attention and bow down. When your style game is on point, you don’t need anyone’s approval and Laverne’s look says…

I got this.



 CFDA 2016


Usually, the singer is damn near nekkid on the red carpet and we don’t have a problem with that, but when you cover up like this, we are calling the fashion police! Where is Joan Rivers when you need her?!

It looks like Ciara ran to her stylist and screamed, “Spare no expense. Make me look like a strung out pink flamingo”.

Epic FAIL!

2016 CFDA

Ansel Elgort

There is so much wrong with this outfit that we don’t even know where to begin. We’ll just say that the next time Ansel takes out his black tie attire, he should make sure it still fits because this is obviously something he bought before he entered puberty.

Citation, issued!

2016 CFDA

Adriana Lima

We have no comment. This sartorial travesty speaks for itself.


Moving on…


2016 CFDA

Jamie Chung

Another one wearing red well on the red carpet, Jamie’s dress ventured outside the box and made her one worth noting.

CFDA 2016

Selma Blair

Selma TRIED that! And we have to give her props for daring to up the ante in this ensemble that was more than an admirable attempt. Attention, fashionistas, drama has been served on the red carpet!

CFDA 2016

Tilda Swinton

The avant-garde contingent has a heroine in Swinton and she plays the part up every time she gets and this red carpet arrival was a fitting example. Who else could rock a look like this and make it come off as easy breezy?

The answer is no one.


Who made your best dressed and worst dressed looks this year?

Sound off below!!

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