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Grace Jones Issues Verbal SLAPS to Entertainment Industry




Grace Jones has never been one to bite her tongue, and at the still ripe age of 67, she is showing no signs of slowing down.


Not one bit!


Her new memoir is full of verbal slaps at her past, present, and her future. In typical Jones fashion, she says what others are afraid to say, but unlike many, she has the chutzpah to back it up.




Many have called her crazy, a diva, a bitch, and if you were to ask Grace herself, she will tell you that she is all of that and then some. But, when it comes to the entertainment industry, Jones has stories upon stories. One in particular that her book addresses is her directorial debut for her song I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for You). Jones opines…


Because the track was so personal, I decided I would direct the video for the song, having learned so much, especially from Jean-Paul [Goude]. It was a retort, in a way, to not being able to live up to the image that my lover had literally created for me, so it seemed important that I be in control of the video, rather than act as the subject. It ended up being completely out of my control.




I had to be a bitch to maintain any kind of authority. Well, if I were a man, I wouldn’t have been considered a bitch. If I were a man, I would simply have been in charge, however aggressive and demanding I was. I wouldn’t have had other people running about filming things behind my back. A man putting his foot down is in control. It’s strong. A woman putting her foot down is out of control. She’s weak.




I was female, and they decided that I was rock ’n’ roll insane. Had I been a man, they would have considered that I was merely retaining control, or professionally fretting about the details. Once they start treating you as though you are losing your grip, it becomes kind of true – in reacting to accusations that you are paranoid and incapable of acting responsibly, you end up seeming to confirm that you are paranoid and reckless. They wore me down. They sabotaged me.




And then Jones delves further, speaking up for women in every area of the workplace…


What are the chances of a female president being elected? The men-only corporate reaction is: What about the tampons? Will she bleed everywhere? What if she gets pregnant? What if she is going through the menopause? What if she’s been through the menopause and is therefore old and used-up? It’s the same old caveman shit, a power thing. It’s why I want to fuck every man in the ass at least once. Every guy needs to be penetrated at least once.

Grace has spoken. Pass the collection plate, because the sermon has been served fresh from the pulpit!


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Brace yourself.


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