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Heaux Confessionals

“The main ones screaming about their halo are usually the first ones to use it as a cockring.” (Heaux Confessionals©, verbal slap #153)

I am Triston/Theron/Micah/Heaux Black/ElectroNegreaux, but you can call me…

Sir Negreaux, the Godfather of Heaux, leader of the WonderHeaux Nation©

(pronounced ‘ho’)
(taken from essential Heaux Confessionals’© vocabulary appendix)
1) [noun] American English slang taken from the word homage, with the twist of a French spelling to imply prestige and class; not to be confused with ho
2) a literary nod to Josephine Baker, one of the most famous American ex-patriate artists of her time, and the godmother of the WonderHeaux Nation
3) [verb] to have gorgeous sex with sinister style

Heaux Confessionals© is uncut: a marriage of the raw, decadent and unconventional.

This pulp friction literary barrage will leave no one unscathed. Come along on this literary joyride of the Berlin that is just beneath the surface and has always been so expertly hidden. Until now…

Enter this world as I claw my way through the city of the moment: Berlin. The unfathomable, imagined. A place of no rules, and no boundaries. A city where there is no sexual divide. Metrosexual, bisexual, yes. Gay or straight?

Not a chance.

In a city where every language is spoken, there is only one that transcends them all. Everyone speaks heaux…
How fab is your heauxcabulary? Whatever the setting, there is always a story to tell. From the erotic to the exotic, to the raw and heartfelt, every aspect of life is covered with a touch of cynicism and caustic wit. Every heaux has a story to tell. This is mine. Join me on a wild and raucous ride, if you dare.

From the drama onstage and off, with the backdrop of a city like no other – Berlin, the characters take you on a never-ending, spiraling adventure. A city in the midst of change filled with artists ready to change it. This is the second wave of neo-Berlin currently gritting it out on the toughest streets in central Europe. This is the place where dreams come true, or burn by the wayside. These are the stories of those select few doing the damn thing, and paying their dues on the way. There is never an easy way out. And in Berlin, even the ones that break through get a little dirty.

It’s Fame with an edge.
It’s Survivor, because only the strong manage to get through the drama of it all. There will be casualties.
It’s Rent for the new millennium.
It’s Sex and The City, on a real budget.
Welcome to Heaux Confessionals©: sho(r)t stories featuring tales of trickery, lust connections, love profusions and the daily grind that can be most unkind.

Enter New Berlin.
Enter Heaux Confessionals©.
Think Running with Scissors meets Confederacy of Dunces.

Sexy Romp in Berlin

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