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Kamala Harris is the VP pick

Op/Ed: Kamala Is The Pick. Now Fall In Line Or Suck A Ditch!

So what if she isn’t your first choice. She is THE choice, so you better get behind it!

I know what you’re thinking…

“Goddamit! That Negreaux is on his politics sh*t again!”

And my reply is?

“So, you all can debate and argue over Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s nether-region for a full WEEK, but I can’t take 15 minutes to discuss some sh*t that actually MATTERS?

Kiss my whole, entire black ass!”

Suddenly, muthaf*ckas don’t know how to count!

I have a serious issue with people acting like we have multiple options here. We have TWO. And if you are still on the fence, then you seriously need to check yourself. Biden/Harris is not my dream ticket but I have common sense and realize that we hold their feet to the fire AFTER this catastrophe is out of office.


May the ghost of Shirley Chisholm come down and choke you into submission!

May the spirit of Coretta slap you back to reality!

May the soul of Fannie Lou snatch the 4c from your scalp!

Gather yourself.

Gather yourself up real tight.

Then get RIGHT!!

F*ck Your Feelings!

You are all inside your nitpickety feelings because Kamala ain’t Liz?

You better MISS me with THE MESS.

You want to pout because Bernie ain’t on the ballot?

I rebuke your raggedy ass!

You wanna claim Kamala ain’t black or brown enough to your liking?

This ain’t a damn family reunion BBQ, goddamit!

You ain’t gotta love e’erthang about Uncle Joe and Auntie Kamala.

Make them a church plate and send it over to their house. In foil. Not Tupperware.

You ain’t gotta roll with them that way.

But goddamit?

You better be f*ckin ROLLING!

People are DYING.

Children are locked in cages (did you forget?).

Breonna and George arent the only two (do you have amnesia?).

And you wanna rant because Joe is old and Kamala is AKA?

Guess the f*ck what?

He was old 8 years ago TOO.

Write in a candidate and I will READ You!

But yet and still, you want to write in that 3rd party candidate because otherwise you can’t live with yourself?

How’d that work out for you in 2000? In 2016?

Go ahead.

We’ll wait.

But actually, this time?

We canNOT wait. Because The BoogeyMan is knocking on our f*ckin door this time, and if you have the luxury of being able to write in Bernie or Elizabeth or God forbid Pete Buttigieg, that means you sit perched atop a mountain of privilege that most of us have no access to and they are always coming for you LAST.

You might as well vote for Donald Trump and be done with it. I might respect you more!

Run, Don’t Walk, to the Ballots!

You better skeeeee-weeee your ass behind this black-brown woman as if your life depends on it because newsflash?

For the people in the back rolling their necks and refusing to put money in the church plate but complain about the choir’s tattered robes?

It f*cking DOES!

But I ain’t done. You gon’ hear me today, demons!!

For some of you, Kamala may never have the WAP you crave. She may never be moist enough. But you can just sit your parched, Sahara, un-moistened, Mojave’d crevice right the f*ck down and sip liberally on that cup of STFU.

You, sir/ma’am..

Are outta pocket and deserve this verbal SLAP!

The Right To Refuse and Rebuke

If you get in my face saying you refuse to vote for this ticket?

Delete yourself from my life, posthaste.

If you are still straddling that fence unsure about who to cast tour ballot for in November?

Excise yourself from my circle.

And I’ve already heard and seen some of you already coming out the woodworks and you are every race and hue and gender, you shady bastards.

MISS ME with your f*ckery.

This might not be a class, but?


YOU are the problem. YOU live in a world of make believe and I’m sitting at a buffet of horrors that I’ve- WE’VE – no choice but to eat for at least a few more months.

And in closing?

When I was a kid and my parents brought my baby sister home, I viewed that as a negative! I did not co-sign! But did I ask my mama and daddy to insert my sister back into her WAP so I would have to share less of my sh*t?


I learned to live and love her big-headed ass, overlooked the negatives, and focused on the positives to fully accept her!

When my Aunt Be’Jean used to take care of us, we all knew her cornbread game was bunk, but did we tell her this?


We ate her dry, un-buttered cornbread like it was Jiffy because we overlooked her negatives and focused on the positives. She loved us. She cared enough, and she sure as hell beat the damn alternative!


Triston is an American jetset performance artist, writer, event organizer, and activist based in Europe. As a freelance journalist, he has covered both the underground and mainstream aspects of the arts, culture, music, entertainment, travel, fashion and Fashion Week in several cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Sydney, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to name a few. He has been published in The Huffington Post, Trespass (London), Adaras Magazine (Miami) as well as featured in publications such as the New York Times, Vogue Italia, Washington Post, Turkish Huriyet and other on-line and print magazines in the U.S. and internationally. He recently released his memoir on life in Europe, 'Heaux Confessionals'. As a solo performer and with his band $kandal Du$t, he has toured in some of the world's most renowned clubs, simultaneously maintaining an underground renaissance, blurring the lines of all that is traditional and leaving his indelible, and ultimately unforgettable impression. There is no divide.

Brace yourself.


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