Kate in one of her signature ‘biscuits and clitscuits’ dresses

Goldie Hawn’s daughter is yet again poppin’ her poon on sports stars again. Watch this team go down as she gyrates him into mediocrity. Who is the latest man to get dispatched?

Enter J.J. Wyatt.


Hudson, who is 36 years old, is now sharing her recently bought glorious tittyballs with Houston Texans player Wyatt, who is 27 years old and is about to have his entire life upended whether he knows it or not.


Kate refuses to allow her nether-region to be un-happy, unvacant

No one knows how long these two have been fucking dating, and it is probably irrelevant since it is still unclear who she was or was not fucking dating before Wyatt. The last we heard it was one or possibly all of the Jonas brothers. But does it really matter? Kate Hudson is one of the most amazing actresses of our times and if she wants to share her panty pudding with the entire NFL…

Let her!




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Brace yourself.


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