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Katie Perry & The Curious Case Of Cheap PopTrixxx

Vicky Vox has zero f*cks to give!

Katy Perry is worth an estimated $300 million dollars. So, you’d think that as one of the highest paid poptrixxx on the planet, she would be gracious enough to cut some checks to those that helped her get to the top, right?

Computer says…

It seems that Katy-boo, for whatever reasons, decided that the people that appear in her music videos are there for her entertainment only, for sh*ts and giggles, for the opportunity to be in the same room as pop royalty. Well, Miss Perry played her cards rawng and just got her ass clicked and dragged by a drag queen.

Vicky Vox lit a fire under the ‘Hot & Cold’  singer this week when she called out Perry for “begging drag queens to do a music video for two days with no pay, they own costumes and all. It wasn’t until we all said NOPE … that they said maybe there might be some budget. But they’ll get back to us tomorrow? No, f—k this. You need to know today, you stressed that. Do you think we just like to prance around for sugarplum dreams? Bitch, THIS IS F—KING WORK.”

verbal SLAP

And if you thought Miss Vox was done issuing verbal slaps to Perry, think again. Vox continued….

“Drag queens should not have to beg you to value them. Not only is it insulting you asked them to value themselves as worthless. You were going to USE them for your gain. Then say maybe when they say their time is valuable … you say maybe … NO!”


Perry has been accused of this type of behavior before and Vicky unveiled and alluded to that with the following comments in reference to her ‘Swish Swish’  lyrics:

“Yes, I have receipts. I also don’t think the person whose video this is would be doing this on purpose. But, really tho, SHE KNOWS BETTER.”



And then, Vicky Vox came for the girls on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ that caved in to Katy’s wishes and agreed to appear for free:

“HOWEVER, apparently drag race girls said they’d do it for free… and local girls said respect my time. Fame chasers vs paper chasers.”

Then Vox hopped on social media and unleashed a barrage of memes and tweets explaining why exposure doesn’t pay the bills.

You know how we feel about this at Verbal SLAPS. We’ve written entire books about this f*ckery, so how the hell does Perry, who just signed a deal with American Idol upwards of $25 million, think she can be this cheap?

Of course, she has no comment.


But now we know who ain’t Wide Awake, but UN-woke as f*ck!


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