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Katt Williams: A Salt With A Deadly Midget


If Katt Williams is in the news, you already know: someone has been beaten, imprisoned, and maimed. And of course, that’s entirely the case with this report.

The comedian was arrested again on Thursday night for allegedly attacking the restaurant manager of Spondivits with a salt shaker. According to reports, Williams left the manager with a split lip and there were several witnesses that will testify as to these claims. After Katt threw the salt shaker, he fled the scene of the crime to a Waffle House nearby, where he was found by police and then arrested for battery.


He has since posted bail and has been released on his own recognizance. For those taking score, this is but one of a string of incidents involving the pint-sized entertainer, who has spent more time in jail and court rooms than on stage the past few years. It was only in March that he was arrested for disorderly conduct for opening a can of whoop ass on a 17-year-old. He was also charged with threatening a bodyguard’s life earlier that same month, as well as making threats, and aggravated assault.

Everyone together now…

Fix it, Jesus!

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