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Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall Is DONE With Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sh*tnanigans

Kim Cattrall

For those of you that thought Sarah Jessica Parker was all nice and sugary and sweet?

Think again, because she has just been outed as an undercover mean girl by one of her co-stars.

Enter the c*ntfrontation.

Enter Kim Cattrall.

Enter the verbal SLAP.

Now, SJP has always been advertised as The Good Girl, The Girl Next Door, The Best Friend, et cetera, et cetera, and while it works for just about any occasion, it doesn’t ring true in the real world. For those in Hollywood, where it can be a cutthroat environment, it certainly doesn’t gel and now that the dust has begun to settle, it seems that Kim Cattrall has taken the gloves off, slapped her former co-star and has zero f*cks if DNA remains!

Kim Cattrall
                                                and just like THAT, Cattrall checked SJP’s oil in public

At Verbal SLAPS, we have never believed SJP was ass squeaky clean as her image portrays her and we are giddy that Kim Cattrall finally (and publicly) slapped that horse with the carrot stick and let her have it!

We don’t blame her for saying no to another movie, because she deserves just as much money for that show as SJP does, because she made that show. SJP and her little Divorce show that no one is watching may prove she can still find work, but a horse can always find a trough too.

Kim Cattrall

Some might opine that what Kim went the tacky route, but did she really? How long has she been forced to bite her tongue and keep the peace simply because SJP held the cards to her future checks? Besides, her non-love for Sarah J-Park isn’t exactly a secret. The only difference now is that Kim has let us KNOW in full detail and that’s what a grown ass woman does. Now, if SJP was as nice a girl as she likes to proclaim, she would have been more than happy to split that lucrative SATC money more fairly with her co-star that made the show. At the end of the day, Samantha made that show, and let the truth really be told, talent-wise? SJP is the one bringing up the rear with Kristin Davis a close second. Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall have acting chops to spare, while SJP was playing the girlfriend of stars for years before SATC.

Kim Cattral
                                  Kim gives SJP the “Really, bitch?” look…


Don’t make us bring out the receipts!

So, throw shade all you want on Kim Cattrall for not bowing down and being a follower like her co-stars and standing up for her fair share of the dough. The proof is in the panty pudding and if they want to make another SATC movie without Kim Cattrall?

Good LUCK with that!


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