Kylie vs. Kylie

File this one under…

‘The Princess of Pop vs. The Princess of THOTs!

Like this should even be considered a contest, but apparently Kylie Jenner thinks she is the only Kylie worth knowing in the world. Well, anyone that knows their way around the locomotion knows this is lie-tellin’ at its most grandiose and f*ckerized. When it comes to the name Kylie, there is only one.

Enter Kylie Minogue.

Enter a queen of pop.

Exit imposter trixxx!

remove the FemTHOT

remove the FemTHOT

According to sources, Kylie Jenner was feeling herself when she decided to apply to have the name Kylie trademarked, claiming it is most identifiable with her. She must have had that confused with rest stops, glory holes, and other locales of skankery.

But fret not, Kylie Minogue fans!

When Team Minogue heard about this obvious injustice, they sashayed and threw a wrench in the game by accusing Team Jenner of theft. As far as the world is concerned Kylie Minogue is a true source of entertainment, while Team Kylie Jenner is merely a ditch of damnation. And when Team Minogue called Kylie Jenner’s brand out as a “secondary reality television personality”?

You KNOW we got our L I F E!

Have a seat, Miss Jenner.

Royalty has entered the domain!

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Brace yourself.


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