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Miley Cyrus & The Curious Case of #Becky And The Beat


Oh, excuse me…

But surely you saw this coming, right?

Now that she has garnered enough street credit cross over and expand her fan base. Now that her coffers have been filled and well accounted for, Miley Cyrus has decided to turn over a new leaf.

Quelle surprise when it comes to poptrixxx. But at whose expense?

These days, you would think it would be a bit more difficult to get away with such blatant appropriation, what with the vast amount of access to information, various social media networks, et cetera. But it has become clear that the more information that is available, the lazier the general public has become.

Because how else to explain how Miley managed to become referred to as the originator of twerking, a dance that is older than her flat ass? How else has she managed to snatch electro grunge and claim it as her own when she has never known a poor day in her life?

1st rule of twerkin’? Have an ASS!

And now, in the most charged move yet, Cyrus is attempting to distance herself from the very image that pulled her ahead of other artists of her generation and left poptrixxx in the dust.

Miley has gone from the Tennessee swamps to pop castles to twerk shacks and back again. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before, but unlike other eras, it is far easier to snatch these poptrixxx and put them in their place when they dare attempt to latch on to a trend, wear it like a new blazer, and then discard it once the season has changed.

So yeah, CY-Dogg, we’re calling you out.

Your twerk days are over and we are here to receipt and re-seat your flat ass.

when another of the poptrixxx had her ‘transformation’

Because it wasn’t that long ago that Miley was extolling the virtues of smoking blunts, twerking’ with Snoop Dogg, and wearing as little clothing as possible, except for when she was in Timberlands and NBA jerseys. Anyone with even a brief knowledge of music history could see through the smokescreen of all the salvia and blunts to know that Miley was/is as lily white as they come and soon, like a Christina Aguilera ‘dirrty’ moment, the truth would unfold and #Becky would emerge.

That moment has come.

Everyone knows that, traditionally, when the going gets tough, the #Becky gets ghost. As in gone, as in #BYE, as in “I was having a moment of dementia.


But since Miley has the complexion for the protection, it is quite easy for her to shed one image and flee to another when the mood strikes her. Because in her world, these ‘others’, as in POC, are merely for fodder, for games, for elevating her followers on Instagram. At  the end of the day?

She don’t love you hos!

So you all should have listened to Nicki Minaj back in the day because  everyone working within the music industry knew what Miley was up to, even as the general public latched on to a white girl going bad.

How many of these #BrokedownBeckys must we endure before the big picture is clear from day one?

Now that Miley has decided to chase her country roots, of course she has to denounce hip hop, because country and hip hop do not exactly go hadn’t in hand, in case you haven’t heard. If the Dixie Chicks couldn’t get the love so easily, there was no way a Snoop Dogg-lovin’, twerk-happy Miley could ever crack Nashville.

Let’s see how this plays out.

But this time, from the sidelines.

Not on the front row.   

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