The power of social media cannot be denied these days in the world of music and nowhere is that more evident than with one of Australia’s rising sensations, singer-songwriter Nick de la Hoyde. At only 21 years of age, he already has a resume that many in his age bracket would be envious of. Since catching the attention of mega producer ‘LA’ Alexander (Aaliyah, R.Kelly), de la Hoyde has brought his own blend of hip hop, pop, and R&B to the public with a vengeance.


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With the release of his EP Passions Nick de la Hoyde is out to prove that his music and following is no fluke. The current single from the project, ‘By My Side’ hits all of the major components of his sound, merging hip hop, pop, and rock with conviction. Since releasing his EP late last year, de la Hoyde has received significant airplay in his native Australia and abroad. Not only has he charted on the Billboard BDS Top 40 Indicator Charts, the Independent Release Charts and the Mediabase Top 40 Pop Charts, but his music has been featured in several outlets, including Foot locker stores, online video programming, and retail outlets such as Foot Locker. Without a doubt, his loyal fanbase is one of the reasons for his success, with his Instagram account generating over 100,000 followers in less than a year. In addition to these accomplishments, de la Hoyde has received recognition in a number of publications, including The Source, The Examiner, All Access Magazine, PopCityLife, Essentially Pop, and many more. For those that have not yet experienced the music of Nick de la Hoyde, there is no time like the present.



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