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Op/Ed: Why Millennials Are Behind on Race Relations



Today’s younger generations seem to think that simply by jumping in social media and learning how to twerk or ‘culturally appropriate’ non-white culture makes them more in then with minorities. News flash?

It doesn’t.

Those referred to as Baby Boomers and Gen X, if they wanted to know about lives different from their own, had to actually go to those neighborhoods and communities and experience those lives first-hand in order to have their eyes opened. What social media has done – and which we never anticipated – is take the full spectrum of the experience away from us as a society – only to piecemeal it to the masses in bits and chunks. Lest we forget that we are all worthy of a whole reality, not a partial one.




White America seems to be breathing just fine. It’s the rest of us gasping for air…


In other words: Baby Boomers and Gen Xers dared to find out about a different kind of life experience by stepping outside their normal day to day by DIRECT contact, not YouTube.

They confronted their fears DIRECTLY to learn the Cabbage Patch by going to an all-black or latino club instead of Googling it online.

And along the way, they discovered that minorities are just like everyone else.



it’s time to move the movement beyond social media and on the streets, old school style…

Millennials today assume they are a step ahead when in essence, they are two behind when it comes to understanding the plight of minorities.

And it’s unsettling because with all the tools laid at our fee today s a society to know better, we are certainly not doing better.


Perhaps we all need to use this advanced technology to meet and unite in the streets, hand in hand…

ANALOG style.




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Brace yourself.


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