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GlamorSLAP Review: 2020 Critics Choice Awards

We are still in the midst of the red carpet season and although it is early, there are some dark horses this year that are making the old tried and true check behind their backs to see who is coming THROUGH. We have made the list, checked it thrice, and …

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MEGXIT: Meghan & Harry Say Adios To The UK!

While UK and the commonwealth may not have seen this one coming, we over here at VerbalSLAPS and the entire conglomerate known in America as #BlackTwitter called this months ago. And now that #Megxit has confirmed, all we have to say to Brits crying and whining? B*tch, we told ya! …

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Adele Says Hello To Thin, GoodBYE To Haters!

Adele, one of the current pop queens of the universe, has news for her minions: She is living her best life and she has no f*cks to give for what you or anyone else thinks! The singer, who recently broke from her husband – name irrelevant – has been off …

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