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Be The Belle Of The Ball!

When it comes to summer apparel, be on the lookout for great t-shirts and blouses that are not only sexy, but above all else, affordable. For those that are huge fans of bell sleeve blouses, check out a few online stores for great bell sleeve blouse options. Every woman should …

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Adele Says GoodBYE to Husband

Adele may be the biggest pop star in the world, but she is joining a long line of poptrixxx that have headed down Divorce Lane. After going half on a baby with Simon Konecki in 2012 and then eventually marrying him in 2017, the superstar singer recently announced their separation …

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#FreeBritney: Part Deux?

Now, you all know we are no fans of Britney Spears. We don’t have time to list all the many reasons she isn’t worth a line on these pages. Except? Except? When Britney gets IGNUNT and goes cray-cray! No matter your stance on Team Britney, back in the day when …

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