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The Oscars Has Quit That B*tch, aka, Kevin Hart!

Kevin Hart

Someone go drag this midget and school him, because apparently he missed a few weeks at the academy in Middle Earth… The world’s funniest midget, Kevin Hart, has yet again put his size 2 feet firmly in the crook of his mouth and ass again after putting the LGBTQ community …

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Posh Spice Will F*ck Up Your Check!

The Spice Girls are returning but with a little less spice. Let’s dub her ‘Po Spice’. Not that the other girls are not getting PAID on their brief UK tour return – to the tune of $3 million each – and that figure is set to climb if they can …

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Idris Elba: The Sexiest Man Alive

Well, after years of missteps and misses (cough: Ryan Reynolds), it looks as if People Magazine has finally gotten it right. Idris Elba has snatched the crown from less-than and now sits atop the perch as the sexiest man in Hollywood. And no one wants to read this, so…   …

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