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Kimmy K & The Return Of The R.I.D. (Rent Is Due) Dress

Of all months for this THOT to be wearing this, Kim Kardashian decides to step out in pure skankerific orm in this ill-fitted, fully f*ckerized dress that leaves little to the imagination. But what else would you expect from someone who only has one goal in life: Head(lines). The R.I.D. (Rent …

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‘As The THOT Turns’, Episode #36: Kim’s Community Throat

If only all of those bastard abortions could speak! But, bless the heaux fairies, these kids have not been released upon the planet. Instead, they have traveled through her esophagus, down past her store-bought tittyballs, further down and through her bowels, and out her community chocha. Now, it is not …

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Missy Elliott Joins Songwriters Hall Of Fame

The Queen of Hip Hop (sorry, Lauryn Hill, but you’ve been dethroned and you KNOW why), Missy Elliott has just been included as the latest rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the first female. With several iconic tracks and albums under her belt including Under …

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