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Kim Kardashian’s Holes Are Open For Business!

But let’s get real here? Have they ever really closed? If you get an STI from looking at this photo, don’t sue us! As her divorce from hip hop’s most erratic star, Kanye West (we refuse to refer to him as ‘Ye), still hangs in the balance, Mrs. West is …

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T.I. & Tiny Harris: Soon To Be Expeditiously Indicted

The ‘Fourth Family of Hip Hop’ Is About To Go Down! It looks like one of hip hop’s favorite artists may have to add a few more big words to his coterie as the LAPD closes in on him and his wife in an ongoing case. Unless you’ve been living …

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Uncle Tim & The Curious Case Of The Cacophony Of Coonery

Starts with C, rhymes with ‘moon’. Let’s say it altogether now as only a Black church can in unison: “Uncle Tim is the new Uncle Tom.” Uncle Tim is to Black Americans what Stephen Miller is to Jews. A goddamn Stockholm Syndrome disgrace! Let’s get into it and call it …

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