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Koh Rong: The Emerging Ibiza of Cambodia

  Dear Millennials: Take note. Everything you’re reading here will be obsolete in a year or less so if you have the time and money (and by money, I mean at least drawing welfare), catch a plane to Cambodia, and then a boat to the semi-deserted island of Koh Rong, a …

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Shame on Numero Magazine!

    APPROPRIATE (verb) – to take to or for oneself; take possession of. – to take without permission or consent; seize; expropriate ======================= And that is exactly what Numero Magazine did when it had the audacity to fling black face on a white model and thrust her in their pictorials. Were …

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The Cuntspiracy: Kim’s Coup d’eTHOT

  The term coup d’état is French for a coup or an overthrow, of a government. But when applied to the Kim Kardashian? Well… At VS, we are able to see past the follicular f*ckery, injectable fillers, thinner nasal bridge, and as much Juvederm as you can carry to let you …

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