Recent SLAPs

Laila Ali Issues Verbal SLAPS to Ronda Rousey

  At first, one couldn’t rouse an answer out of former boxing great Laila Ali, but then, remembering the legacy of her father, who was never one to shy away from some smack talk, Ali let a few verbal SLAPS fall out of her mouth when asked if she could handle …

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Khloe & Kylie: THOT-ology 101

  Khloe may not have been the best and biggest ho out of the first snatch batch, but Kris Jenner spit out enough to assure us all that the there’s always another one waiting in the wings… Enter Kylie. Enter Khloe. Enter Prostitot Nation.   Everyone knows Kanye West cannot …

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Time Sensitive! 5 Ways To Reduce Your Taxes

Don’t act so surprised, Your Highness. You weren’t on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by Rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck. Partially, but it also …

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