Britain has long been hailed as one of the greatest countries for breaking new music and Peur, a rock roarin’ trio hailing from Manchester, continues that tradition in earnest. Their second release via Ruby Music, the EP Future Architects, is a project that showcases the instrumental talents of the band and leaves no doubt as to their artistic credibility. Peur (pronounced ‘per‘ and the French word for ‘fear’) is a group that is not attempting to sound like run-of-the-mill bands and with that in mind, they succeed. Merging edgy pop musical machinations with alternative rock to create their own singular sound, Peur presents a refreshing change from the usual offerings on mainstream radio.

The band, comprised of Joe Lomax, Ryan Clarke Greenhalgh, and Sam Tempest, formed in early 2013 and quickly made an assault on stages everywhere. With musical influences that range from Placebo to Nine Inch Nails, Muse to 65daysofstatic, all of these can be heard in several of their recordings with a touch of their own musical sensibilities tacked on. With their debut EP We Can Build Astronauts receiving considerable critical acclaim, Peur gained experience on stage through extensive touring, acting as support for several noted acts, including Dearly Beloved, Allusondrugs, DZ Deathrays, and many more. Cutting their teeth on stage and winning over fans through live performance has led to even more acclaim, and Peur received confirmation of their hard work ethic through an invitation to support EYE (Empty Yard Experiment). Their music has been featured on BBC Radio and many independent channels, an indication of the amount of larger success that could be on the horizon if they continue on their current trajectory. With the single ‘Hollow Skies‘ set for wider release on March 9th, 2015 is set to be a game-changer for the young band.

The last song on their latest EP (and the upcoming single) ‘Hollow Skies‘ is definitely worthy of its status, taking all of their talents into consideration and delivering them in one sonic offering that is sure to not only please their current fanbase, but win them a slew of new ones as well. Lead singer Joe Lomax is in peak form on this melodic cut, adding just the right amount of soul that this alternative selection requires. Saving the best for last, this is one way to ensure that they leave their audience wanting more.

With Future Architects only an EP, the next step for the band is definitely a full-length album. After all, if this is any indication of where Peur is headed musically, an album may be just what they need to get to the next level on the musical scene. It is clear that when it comes to musical ascension, Peur is fearless.


Hollow Skies‘ is currently available now as a Canadian exclusive single release, with worldwide release set for March 9th.

To preview the upcoming single ‘Hollow Skies’:

Peur currently has plans for two tours in the United Kingdom as well as a European one over the summer. Follow the band website for the latest news, including tour dates.




Twitter: @PeurOfficial

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