Obama’s reaction when told what Kardashian-Jenners do for ‘work’


It should probably be against the law for an sitting President to even be in the same room as a Kardashian-Jenner, but that was exactly the case over the weekend when President Obama was face to face with alleged supermodel Kendall Jenner for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on Saturday, where he bumped into her and immediately began to make a mental note to fire the person in charge of invitees. Ever the famewhore, Kendall ran to her Snapchat account to boast about meeting Obama….

“I just met Obama and this is how I feel. He was like, ‘Say hi to Kim and Kanye,. I was like ‘Okay.'”


And when pressed about Kendall purpose in the world, President Obama issued an undercover verbal slap:


“Kendall Jenner is also here. And we had a chance to meet backstage. She seems like a very nice young woman. I’m not exactly sure what she does. But I am told that my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof.”


the only work Jenners do involves injectable fillers, Botox, and other forms of facial sorcery

Oh, Mr. President, don’t be coy. You know exactly what this family does: famewhore, swallow half the NBA, and make sex tapes. You know, the prerequisites to being a reality star these days. Or in other words?

Not a goddamn thing.

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