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The Cuntspiracy: Princess Michael of KKKent

Meghan Markle is poised to upgrade the royal family’s lineage


What Meghan Markle must be going through these days is probably on some epic level madness and it is only going to get worse as the countdown to “I do” approaches. But as a black American (yes, she IS black for those that are still on the fence about that one) woman, we are quite confident she knows how to hold her head high and push forward even through the maze of f*ckery that she almost certainly will be hurled into.

Meghan’s latest issue (aside from the issue of her future royal children, that is?) comes from her own soon to be kinfolk, courtesy of Princess Michael of Kent, who was just called out and verbally slapped by the media for wearing a brooch that said everything she wanted to say and then some.

this is what she decides to wear to meet a black woman? She was asking for it!

For those that are unaware, the jewelry that Princess Michael of Kent decided to sport upon her allegedly initial meeting with Meghan has clear racist overtones of which she is well aware. The jewelry depicts Africans in subservient roles and goes hand in hand with previous actions of the royal, who once told black people in New York at a restaurant to shut up and “go back to the colonies”. But before she got NYC-served, she was issuing an apology and the incident was buried under a load of other press coverage.

That was over a decade ago. This is now.

Meghan is certainly aware that she is marrying into a racist regime, so I am sure she already has a few choice words set aside for royal (and non-royal) c*nts like Princess Michael of Kent, who not only isn’t sorry, but is only sorry that she got called out, clicked and dragged for her f*ckery.

This isn’t Princess Michael’s first stint at the racist rodeo and it won’t be the last. A little fun fact about this trick? Her father was a Nazi officer that served under Hitler before he came into power. So don’t be so shocked that the white supremacist apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Guess who will be secretly KKKiki-ing in a corner every time Ms. Markle makes a public misstep or gets hounded by the press?

That trick.

Guess who will be hurling more shade than a Redwood the moment Meghan announces she’s pregnant with mixed race children?

That trick.

Guess who will be screaming in her private parlor every few weeks when she must concede that a woman of color has succeeded her in the line of ascension?

That trick.

the House of Windsor didn’t like Diana dating brown men either, if anyone remembers…

What we have never liked about the UK is not the racism, per say, but the elitism that far outpaces it to the point that it is both, and the English are too far up their own asses to see it any other way. The royal family House of Windsor has a very rich (read: poor) history of racism running through its narrative, and one only need take a quick detour to Harry’s grandfather’s Wikipedia page to know how deep it runs.

Instead of applauding Meghan Markle for taking a chance and marrying into this family of inbreds and properly forking their family tree, the Princess of Kent (and she is most definitely NOT the only one in that family low-key hatin’ on Meghan) wants to display her displeasure in a way that she knew would get some headlines and traction?

Guess who has just been removed from the wedding invitation list?

Bye, Princess Felicia of NoOneGivesAFuckia!

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Brace yourself.


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