Ryan Lochte

World class champion, first class douche, top tier asshole, international brat.

How many times have we seen this before where white privilege in the media rears its ugly head and the person in question gets off with nary a slap on the wrist?

For those that are not American, we here at Verbal SLAPS will fill you in on what it means to have the celebrated ‘Bro Status’ that Ryan Lochte has enjoyed all of his life, which only elevated and intensified with each world record, gold medal, and television interview. Whether it is sports or something far more sinister, it seems that white men (and let us not forget women as well) are able to enjoy – and in some cases capitalize – on their actions, whether illegal or simply douchey.

Ryan Lochte

one of these men grew up. The other continues childish behavior befitting a 5-year-old

Once the entire world was shown the receipts of Ryan Lochte’s actions and the dust had settled, the truth finally reared its head – but not before Lochte had flown away from his web of lies and deceit, leaving everyone else behind to try to pick up the pieces. It’s bad enough that the Rio Olympics have been plagued by controversy after controversy. Something like this should not have been a ‘thing’, but as we stand in the center of the storm, how many people would bet against Lochte capitalizing on this incident to financial gain?

Just as the Russians were castigated and punished for cheating, so should Ryan Lochte and his comrades on the night in question. Is it not enough that he already has more than a few gold medals, endorsement deals, and fans clamoring to his social media? In this current era, being a true famewhore means not being held accountable for your actions and finding a way to finagle and pay your way out of a situation.

Jun 8, 2013; Paris, France; Serena Williams (USA), right, and Maria Sharapova (RUS) pose with their trophies after their match on day 14 of the 2013 French Open at Roland Garros. Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

not a lot was said when Sharapova tested positive for banned substances. And we all know why…

For those that proclaim this has nothing to do with race, think again. When Maria Sharapova was found guilty of using a banned substance and placed on the sidelines, the tennis world barely slapped her wrist. Would the media at large have been as kind to Serena Williams if she had failed such a test?

Computer says no.


dear mainstream media: word of advice? THIS is not a scandal

Gaby Douglas was vilified in the press for something that is not even required as Lochte merely issues an apology for behavior that borders on the criminal. With the entire world watching the Olympics, this is the absolute worst time and place to act in such a manner. Ryan Lochte is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America. Until America begins to step up to the plate and do right by ALL of its citizens, this f*ckery will continue to happen.

Shame on you, Ryan Lochte.

You are no American hero.

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