So, we are sure you all heard over the weekend that SATC 3, aka ‘The Sequel That Needs Not Be Made‘, has been 86’ed.

Well, word on the streets and alleys and corners is that Kim Cattrall is the reason it’s a no-go. So you know what that means?

Sarah Jessica Parker has her minions throwing undercover shade at ‘Samantha’ yet again.

This latest gossip is probably just a ruse to get Cattrall to roll over and sign on the dotted line for part three, but we think she should tell them to go where the sun don’t shine!

Now, riddle us this…

Why is it that every time there are rumors of the next SATC movie not bring made that it is Cattrall’s fault? The rumors are that she demands more money, and we believe she should ask for more money!

Sorry/not sorry, but Verbal SLAPS is glad Kim Cattrall told SJP where to stick it!


“Bye, b*tch!”

People must have short term memory loss, because before Sex and The City, Sarah Jessica Parker was a C-list actress at best, with A-list aspirations. Her bearding and dating half of Hollywood kept her on the inside more than anything else.

Everyone blessed with the ability to read knows those early HBO seasons were paying jack sh*t, and SJP was the only one making any real money on that show.

Besides that, Kim Cattrall actually can act and has plenty of other gigs that she doesn’t need to shill for SATC. If they want her, then PAY her, because SHE is the one that made the show water cooler fodder every week. SHE was the one pushing the envelope every week, and SHE is the one that made that show relevant.


“SATC stands for ‘Samantha and The City’, b*tch. Need some receipts?”

SJP can go suck a PP if she doesn’t want to reduce her fee and give the other girls their fair share, because let the truth really be told?

The weakest link in that show is either her…

or Kristin Davis.


SJP is always bullshit when it comes to SATC. She has been a producer since the beginning (or close to it), and it is well known that the other 3 were paid table scraps compared to her, which is why bigger names passed on it initially.


Now, if her current show, Divorce, and career were doing so well, she wouldn’t even attempt to rejuvenate her career with part III, but anyone that is a huge fan of SJP doesn’t have very many roles in which to cheer her ass on.

And they always use this PR f*ckery to drag Cattrall’s name through the mud when negotiations break down. Cattrall should have some choice words for Sarah like…

“F*ck you, trick. Show ME the money and then I’ll be Samantha every goddamn year until my p*ssy is out of service. But until then?



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