As the digital realm continues to restructure the way music is distributed, Stormy Mondays is a rock band that has seamlessly walked the line between remaining true to their independent spirit while simultaneously utilizing new technology to expand their fan base. With the release of their new double EP The Lay of the Land/Wading the River, this Spanish band has come into their own in such a way that they have become to be known as the blueprint by which other indie bands chart a course for longevity.




Since 1991, Stormy Mondays has been together crafting a singular sound that blends American and British rock, classic soul, and Asturian folk music. Over the last 25 years, they have released 14 records independently, as well as maintaining their own website and booking their own shows. Known for an electrifying stage show, they have a list of credits that mainstream bands would covet. Over the years, they have shared a stage with Slash and Springsteen, played Woodstock, and had one of their songs chosen by NASA to be played in space. These accolades prove that Stormy Mondays is not just an international band, but an interstellar one.



Their offering gives fans much of what has kept their attention over the course of the last 25 years. Not only do they serve up folk-rock, but also delve into less chartered territory with non-traditional rock instruments that will endear them to fans of pop artists such as Wilco, Mumford and Sons, and Bob Dylan. For those that prefer a sound that relies more on artistry than technology, Stormy Mondays delivers.




The band ups the ante considerably with the release of their double EP for fans. Unlike most bands, each of the members of the band handle several duties, with everyone providing instrumentation throughout the discs. Standout tracks on the double discs include ‘The Finish Line’, which features Pablo Bertrand on the organ, ‘Talking In My Sleep’, and the upbeat ‘Love and Fire’. Stormy Mondays shows its versatility with ballad ‘Nobody Knows’, that makes use of a great chorus and guitar arrangement. There are more than a few catchy tunes on these EP discs to keep fans satiated and eager for their next tour.


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