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The Color Divide on Corporal Punishment


They’re calling her ‘Mother of the Year’ in black households as white America bites its tongue.


But ask any black mother about Toya Graham’s actions in Baltimore just a few days ago and she will be commended for her actions, as they have a constant worry most white homes don’t: will their black child make it back home alive at night.


In Graham’s own words:


That’s my only son and at the end of the day, I don’t want him to be a Freddie Gray. Is he the perfect boy? No he’s not, but he’s mine.”


As a teacher over the past ten years, there is a clear issue facing kids these days and it is the lack of respect given to adults and parental figures.



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Nowadays, parents think the answer is treating their children as their peers and being their friends and allowing them to make decisions that belie their youth.


I disagree.


I can count on one hand the times my parents put their hands on me, because at the end if the day? They were simply not having it.


END of discussion.



tough love is better than no love at all? Weigh in.


And to be quite frank, my white friends never understood how minority parents could hit their children. But they never had to worry about being beaten on the streets by the very authorities we ALL as taxpayers expect to protect us.


Furthermore, studies have shown that light corporal punishment up to a certain age is not detrimental to a child’s well-being long-term when it is explained in full the repercussions of their actions.





Am I for hitting children?




But I’m also not for police beating MY people as their favorite national past-time.



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