“What? Me?! A Slut?!”



It’s always the ones you least suspect.


It’s always the ones that silently rack up the stats.


Upon hearing of this, the Kardashian Klan breathed a sigh of relief, skanks on the stroll claimed sainthood, and even professional sports stars stopped in their tracks. Because, with this latest revelation, it must be said…


Peter O’Toole has probably tricked it with someone in your family.


Who knew?!


He may have died at the age of 81 in 2013, but now the release of a new book has blown the lid off of Peter O’Toole’s penchant for sinnery and although we had to take a brief pause before we continued writing, we think it is safe to say that the phrase that should be on his tombstone should be…


‘Go on that!’



The new biography Peter O’Toole: Hellraiser, Sexual Outlaw, Irish Rebel chronicles the actor’s Hollywood career both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Although the general public was well aware of his life on screen, it was his life behind closed doors that was the real star. There are several revelations in the book, revealing O’Toole’s preferences for sex binges and wild orgies. Among the claims?



– he infamously bedded the bombshells of the moment: Diana Dors, Jayne Mansfield, and Anita Ekberg. We dub it ‘the triumvirate of trickery’




Jayne Mansfield allegedly gave every crease and crevice of her nether-region to O’Toole…

– at the age of 13, a 50+ year old woman named ‘Bubbles’ spent the next half a year teaching O’Toole all about the ins and outs of the ‘in and out’



Peter O’Toole’s proclivities included popping’ princess poon. Specifically, Princess Margaret…


– he shared his tool with royalty, specifically Queen Elizabeth’s slorey sister Princess Margaret. Allegedly, after the first round, the next day, he was seen driving around in a Rolls-Royce she gave to him. (golddiggers, take notes!)


– he shared his peen with a woman that used to have a peen. That’s right! In the 60s, when swinging was in full swing, O’Toole allegedly bent it like Beckham with April Ashley, a famous model and fashionista of the day



Audrey Hepburn: one of the few starlets to protect her panty pudding from Peter O’Toole


– he may have knocked up Audrey Hepburn, but we may never know the truth of that one because Hepburn was still married to actor Mel Ferrer at the time, so when she miscarried, she was not sure which of the two actors was the father


Elizabeth_Taylor_-_Cleopatra_Promo__Stills_32NOTHING came between Liz and her glorious tittyballs! except Peter O’Toole…

– O’Toole and Liz Taylor, herself a maneater, spent possibly up to a decade (or more) sexin’ it up. Even with both of them married during the time, it didn’t stop their lust from continuing.



– he had a ménage a trois with Ava Gardner and Richard Burton



Ava Gardner, maneater deluxe, allegedly shared O’Toole and Richard Burton simultaneously


And that’s just a few of the sex bomb revelations in the book. So for those that think the NBA is where all the action is?


Think again.


Peter O’Toole apparently had the tool of the 20th century. Let the Church of Skankonia say ‘AMEN’.




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Brace yourself.


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