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The Cuntspiracy: THOT-Off – Kendra vs. Holly


You know things have taken a tragic turn in the back alleys when two of Hugh Hefner’s THOTs are verbally slapping one another in the press over which of them is the bigger whore in the whorehouse.

Hef’s former girlfriends, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, have ran to social media to hurl insults at one another. First, the classy Kendra:

“Now Holly is on cover of People mag sayin’ she lived in fear at the mansion. She wasn’t in fear with that d–k in her ass for a paycheck.”

– verbal SLAP

This tweet comes after Holly took the high road (or as high as a THOT can) when answering questions in People magazine about the current status of her relationship with Kendra…

“I wish her the best, but I’m done with that portion of my life. I’ve moved on. I’m happier now.”

That’s ho-speak for “Die a slow death in a shallow ditch, bitch!”

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But Kendra read through those lines, snorted them, and has decided that it’s war. Holly, for her part, has a new book to promote, so she is all about discussing a relationship that no one cared about to begin with. She continues…

“A friendship with her was something I tried to work out off camera years ago. But I don’t want to let myself and my friendship with someone be jerked around based on what’s convenient for someone’s reality show. She can bad mouth me or put words in my mouth, but I’m not going to fall for that.”

Kendra, for her part, also has a reality show to pimp out, so of course this is music to her ears and she is not about to let this free publicity leave her side any time soon. She retaliated with this verbal slap of her own:

“That bitch is in fear now knowing so many of us saw her doing some nasty s–t. She’s embarrassed and in shame. She was the clean up girl. Holly’s job was to get Hef hard again and clean him up with her mouth.”

Battle on, THOTs!

We’ve got tea to sip and lemonade to make!

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