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‘As The THOT Turns’, Episode #25: When A Ho Has To Re-Brand



The House of Kardashian is krumbling right before our eyes, and we don’t know about the rest of you all, but as far as we are concerned?

Let the crumblation continue!

2016 seemed to kill off all the most prominent people in Hollywood, while leaving behind THOTS, skanks, and other no-talent trixxx that should be discarded into a ditch.

never forget how THOT got on. NEVER.

Speaking of no-talent trixxx of distinction, Kim Kardashian seems to be quietly crawling out of her hole since being robbed in Paris months ago. But as she comes out, it seems there are changes that have been made in an effort to restructure and rearrange her image. But is that even possible when your versatility only includes spitting or swallowing?


According to reports, Kim has changed her social media accounts to reflect only her first name as she attempts to re-brand herself as a one-name ‘talent’ in the ways of Cher, Madonna, etc. So, in her warped mind, her ‘fans’ will be able to differentiate her from the other Kims that the world already knows that have real talent. Just a quick rundown of SOME of the Kims that are more worthy of the single moniker?

Kim Novak, Kim Cattrall, Kim Fields, and Kim Basinger all need to get on a conference call, arrange a meeting point, and then find Kim Kardashian in a dimly lit parking lot and open a can of whoop ass on her for daring to spring board over them despite her lack of anything credible to offer to the world aside from her TupperWare parts.


Hell, even my dog Kim has more to offer the world! She’s a bitch that has truly seen some things AND she – unlike Kardashian – has been fixed!

Someone grab KK and snatch out her Fallopian tubes ASAP!

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Brace yourself.


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