Dear Kylie Jenner:

Keke Palmer is not here for your plasticized, store-bought body parts!

The actress had some choice words for the teen THOT of America’s First Family of Famewhores and we are in agreement:


“So often people feel like, you know what, I’m going to beat them to the punch and either degrade myself or be so damn perfect they have nothing to say. We’ve seen extremes of that.”

Keke then went in on how Kylie went from below normal looks to a doppelgaenger of her half-sister, megaTHOT Kim Kardashian…


is this the same person? It is!

“Specifically in the situation with Kylie, where you’ve had a young girl people have seen on television since she was a kid and they literally told her she was so ugly … the ugly person in the family. She went and did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful. The even crazier part is that everybody loves her for it.”


–  verbal SLAP


Palmer, who is also aware that Kris Jenner allowed her youngest daughter to get plastic surgery at the age of 17 (new lips, new ass and tittyballs), made note of young girls that are making money off of fake body parts:

“What I find interesting is that this is something that is being displayed to my generation — showing young girls, young guys that if you do everything that society wants you to be, not only will you be praised for it but you will make money for it. You can be profitable for not being who you truly are.”

–  verbal SLAP

Keke had a message for young people that many need to hear…


nothing is real about these famewhores

“There’s nothing more important in life than being true to ourselves and being 100 percent loving to ourselves. Putting our feelings first how we wanna feel and do that above what anybody thinks no matter how impossible, selfish, weird, scary. or embarrassing that may seem. When I realized that, I realized that’s what it means to be confident. Confidence is me making choices that empower me.”

But the Kardashian-Jenners ain’t trying to be positive body role models. They’re trying cash up on their virtual corners!

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Brace yourself.


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