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THOT Wars: Blac Chyna vs. Kylie Jenner


this was back when Blac Chyna and Kimmy K were ass buddies in crime

The struggle is real, ladies and gentlemen.

If you all thought Blac Chyna was just going to sit back, roll around
on her inflated ass and tittyballs and allow underage THOTress Kylie
Jenner to take her former fiance and babydaddy from her without a
fight, you thought wrong.

Back in the day, a fight between two slores would be fought on a
corner with weaves flung, earrings hurled, and insults slung, but in
today’s modern era, THOTs have other ways of getting their points



Enter Blac Chyna.
Enter Kylie Jenner.
Enter Instagram.
Enter THOT-War 2015!

Hell hath no wrath like a ho scorned!

After Black Chyna posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account
wearing a diamond encrusted watch given to her by Tyga in 2013, Kylie
Jenner, proving that she is definitely no newbie to ho-wrangling,
posted a photo of herself with a similar watch on with the caption…



I guess no one has thought of calling Child Protection Services…

Refusing to bow down to underage THOTs, Black Chyna fired her own
battle shots, posting four photos on her Instagram account that left
little to the imagination.

Then Kylie went to snatch a meme from almost brother-in-law French
Montana’s account that read, “When god wants you to grow, he makes you

And then another round of Instagram tet-a-tet, tit-a-tit, and then
Kylie finally ending it with this outright admission of her love for

“This love Is FOREVER!.. Alright goodnight instagram. 6:30am call time.”

If you’re wondering where Kris Jenner was during all of this, the
answer is simple.




She’s re-chaining Rob Kardashian in the family basement so she was

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