Kylie Jenner & the three faces of trickery, trampery, and all around THOT-ness
File this one under ‘THOT-gate’.
So everyone blessed with the sense of sight (and smell, because who can’t smell that trickery from here?) knows that Tyga has been parting ALL of Kylie Jenner’s lips since she probably was old enough to drive. But before? It was all hearsay. But NOW?
He’s admitting it and telling us all to mind our own business! Including the law!
Blac Chyna thought she was a friend of the family, but they ‘borrowed’ her man. Indefinitely…
As Kris Jenner tremors inside from the fall-out of publicity and the damage control she’s had to hurl out in lieu of THOT-gate, Tyga is taking a moment from keeping Kylie on a leash and reportedly has a few reasons for being in love with underage THOTlettes.

According to reports, he claims that Kylie, despite her lack of education and age, she is…

– exceedingly mature for 17 (even though reports have him hooking up with her as young as 15)

– a millionaire (which helps since he is allegedly broke and owes over $100,000 to various people, including possibly his baby mama, Blac Chyna)

– she owns her own house (which he will more than likely move in to as soon as she turns 18)

– she owns her own home (she must have saved all her allowance money for a LONG time)



her SINspiration stands on the same corner as her…

Also, he doesn’t consider their Mary Kay LeTourneau-type love immoral in any way and he will show the general public his undying love for her.

Officially, no one can be arrested because no one has come forward, so as far as we know, it is all hearsay.


(insert eyeroll here)


Now, how they have managed to fly under the radar this long means that no one in their immediate circle is about to protest these two being HO-rizontal in the least with so many millions at stake.

But long story short?

The entire world knows those underage assballs are being destroyed by the hip hop community.

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Brace yourself.


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