These days, famous rock bands think the tale of the tape revolves around how many sex tapes they can release every year, how many Playboy Playmates they can strut on any given corner, and how many times Pamela Anderson tried to get their goose.


But at the end of the day, when it comes to true rock & roll stars, there are only a few, and we can name them on our fingers. But?


We’ll save the middle one especially for those naysayers that balk at the notion Dave Grohl is the BOSS of popular rock music.


Case in point?


The Foo Fighters frontman was in Sweden on tour when he sustained a leg injury on stage. With his leg fractured and in obvious pain, do you think Grohl stopped the concert and ran to his publicist?


Hell to the goddamn naw!



Only two songs into the set, Dave fell, got up, winced a bit, but then completed the set. Now, we dare any of today’s poptrixxx to do anything of the sort should they injure themselves live on stage. Because we seriously doubt Madonna would risk her cheek implants bouncing off a dirty floor. We seriously doubt Whiggy Azalea would take the chance that her tittyballs explode during a set.


Live being the operative word.



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Brace yourself.


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