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Woo Youngmi

Woo Youngmi: Menswear Maven

Celebrated for the simplicity and precision in her designs, Woo Youngmi is regarded as a pioneer for menswear in her native Seoul, with her acclaim now more global than ever before. Her meteoric rise is directly tied to the growth of her country over the last thirty years. What sets Woo Youngmi apart from other designers is her ability to innately understand the desires of her core fanbase and not alienating them as she expands her aesthetic to ebb and flow with what is currently trending on concrete jungles worldwide.

Courtesy of ©WOOYOUNGMI, Photography Shoji Fujii

Wooyoungmi Rises

Youngmi was born into a South Korea that was nowhere near as prosperous as it is now, but that did not stop her from having big dreams of a fashion business even as a child. Raised in a home that supported her artistic ambition, Woo Youngmi knew at a very young age what her life’s ambition was and set out to find a way to make it happen. By the time the smoke had cleared in her country during her formative years, South Korea was poised for a dramatic transformation. and Youngmi was uniquely positioned to take advantage of the forward progress of her native South Korea, and she did, and is now regarded as one of the premier designers in Asia.

The Precision Principle

Youngmi’s mantra of precision in design has helped her forge a path that has now become the stuff of legend, eventually leading to the expansion of a second line based in Paris named Wooyoungmi. Another key aspect of her success is the familial spirit incorporated into the corporation. With her sister on board and her daughter Katie as co-creative director (and heir apparent), things are definitely still on the upswing for this spirited designer. With a new direction involving even more structured advertising campaigns and collaborations with noted artists, Woo Youngmi is destined to a legacy that is a direct homage to the birth of a new South Korea.

Wooyoungmi: A Look Back At Sartorial Brilliance

The label has made a smooth transition from sophisticated urban to a sporty, edgier collection that in one season was inspired by the biographical film Lords of Dogtown, about a group of Los Angeles skaters known as the Z-boys. That laidback attitude and way of life were featured heavily throughout this collection, which was a mix of retro jackets and pants versus experimental pant lengths and paisley motifs. Also included were upscale workwear and even a few cardigans for the full spectrum of menswear that leaves something for everyone. Wooyoungmi’s 2018 collection was a nod and a wink to what was trending in the world of menswear with a firm grasp of where their true niche market lies.

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