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Uncle Tim & The Curious Case Of The Cacophony Of Coonery

Starts with C, rhymes with ‘moon’. Let’s say it altogether now as only a Black church can in unison: “Uncle Tim is the new Uncle Tom.” Uncle Tim is to Black Americans what Stephen Miller is to Jews. A goddamn Stockholm Syndrome disgrace! Let’s get into it and call it …

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GlamorSLAP Review: 2021 Academy Awards

It’s time yet again for the last red carpet event of the season, the 2021 Academy Awards. GlamorSLAP was marginally there, covering the few, the brave, the exquisitely dressed and coiffed that made our list in this abbreviated yet extended somehow season. This year, plucked four men and four women …

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Op/Ed: George Floyd Is Not The Beginning OR The End

I got time today. And I got coffee. I got tangents. A most dangerous mix. Topic? George Floyd. Chauvin is on trial here, NOT Floyd! For those that claim I’m mad? Correction. I’m WOKE. Buck-eyed, wide open cognizant, aware, and unafraid to say what should have been said by the …

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