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Azealia Banks Issues Verbal SLAP to Herself


Better late than never!

The controversial rapper, who is known for verbal diarrhea like no other, just last week made statements about President Obama that were so far over the line, we are certain Michelle Obama is sharpening shanks. A week later, Banks has finally come a bit closer to her senses and is allegedly asking for forgiveness for thoughts of POTUS poonhurlery.
When questioned about how her medulla oblongata functions….

“Why can’t I just stop being a hot mess? Like just for once?!?! I always try and keep it cute then something clicks in my brain and just makes me say crazy things.”


How she’s deeper than we give her credit for…

“I said so many other interesting things during that interview. I’m seriously going to start bringing a tape recorder to interviews. Just so people can hear the context in which I say things because these magazines just want to be some over sexual thing… When it’s so much deeper…”

Let’s talk about sex baby…
“Sex is like on the LEAST important things I talk about. I don’t think the media gives readers enough credit for actually being smart and intelligent.”

And finally, FLOTUS shade…

“I think Michelle Obama just put a hex on me cause I’m sick as a DOG right now.”


Trick, please.

Michelle Obama ain’t got time for hot ass messes like yourself. She’s too busy trying to raise two young black women that won’t end up as triflin’ as you.


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Brace yourself.


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