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Britney Spears Issues Verbal SLAP To Christina Aguilera

It’s Britney, b*tch! Fresh off the heels of her new-found freedom, the pop star is snatching wigs, scalping heads, and naming names!

Christina Aguilera has always been in the shadow of Britney Spears and now that Britney has her whole, full, entire voice (not to be confused with singing voice, but we digress) back, she is thanking those who truly helped her, while also calling out the ones that had inside intel yet said nothing.

Enter Xtina.

Enter social media.

Enter the verbal SLAP heard round the planet.

Last night, Britney Spears hopped on social media and had her fans and Christina’s running to their respective corners with a post that left little to the imagination…

Those in the know, KNOW that as children, these two grew up under the thumb of The Establishment. The same one that churned out pop tart after pop tart, and then discarded them once their expiration dates began to close in. The lucky ones managed to cobble together careers and still remain relevant, but many of them were left by the wayside.

While it may have seemed that in the beginning, Britney had made a clean break by becoming a bonafide pop diva and the top one of her heyday, the truth was that behind the scenes, everyone was pulling her in every direction and when things began to fall apart, she unraveled right in front of us at the hilt of social media.

Enter head shaving.

Enter 5150 hold.

Enter the conservatorship of 13+ years.

Now, even under the (mis)guidance of her father Jamie Spears, Britney still had a bigger career than Christina Aguilera ever had, which she probably hates to admit. Even Aguilera’s most ardent fans cannot deny the receipts or lack thereof, so it may not be all that surprising that she said nothing as she had everything to gain from Britney being put out to pasture.

Britney called Xtina out for this fake support post with the quickness!

And while we may never have the Britney of the 2007 era that went batshit crazy before our very eyes, we may have Britney 2.0, the version that will drag a b*tch in the press and dare them to speak on it. Xtina had 13 years to drive past Britney on the success bus, but her detours are well accounted for and she will never equal the success of Britney no matter how big her voice is and her breasts get.

Britney 1, Xtina 0

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