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Op/Ed: Kamala Is Revealing Folx!

In less than three days, Kamala Harris has galvanized the nation, and both sides are inside their feelings. Hmmmm, I wonder WHY? What has it been, 72 hours? Three days since the announcement that a woman of color is poised to be the next Vice President of the free world …

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Op/Ed: AmeriCAN’T (Or Won’t)?

Roughly 50 percent of white Americans would vote to re-elect Donald Trump if the election were held today, and this is a problem of epic proportions that needs to be addressed. Dear America: I don’t know why you continue to drop the ball, miss the memo, and refute that you …

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Duchess Meghan: From HNIC To HRH And Back

Harry finally breaking his silence this weekend… “There was no other option”. This is what Prince Harry admitted this weekend about the ‘breakup’ between the British monarchy – essentially his grandmother – and him.  Now, as an American – especially a black American – we know there is always another …

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Op/Ed: Surviving R. Kelly

I found this online and started watching it and I’m INCENSED. And it’s not for the obvious reasons, either. The rage stems from the fact that R. Kelly has been a known pedophile and abuser of young and underage black women for decades as the collective black community by and …

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